Libbey Stemless 12-piece Wine Glass Set

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Stemless wine glasses are soaring in popularity! They’re casual yet classy, perfect for any get-together. The Libbey Stemless 12-piece Wine Glass Set would feel right at home in an upscale restaurant, but its design does more than just look and feel cool. Stemless glasses are stable, ergonomic, and balanced, so there’s less chance of tipping or breaking. These 6 red wine and 6 white wine glasses provide an instant, effortless upgrade to your glassware collection. With the wide bowl of the red wine glass and the slender profile of the white wine glass, these stemless beauties provide the perfect showcase for any varietal’s flavors and aromas. You’ll always have the right glass on hand for a cabernet sauvignon, merlot, chardonnay, or Riesling—even chilled water or cocktails! The glasses are chip resistant, and without stems they save space in the cabinet.Popular stemless design is easy to hold and put down, minimizing breakage-more sipping, less tipping!

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