Lavley Shit’s About to Get Fancy Wine Glass, 16-Ounce

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You can see it coming – the signs are all there. The place is spotless, the attire is spiffy, the lighting is just right, the music is perfect. Yes, it looks like shit’s about to get Fancy. Make it official with this beautiful and fun stemmed wine glass that says it all.

Delight your party guests with an elegant warning of what is to come. When you break out the good vino, it deserves to be celebrated properly. This is not the time for chug-a-lug competitions or bouncing ping pong balls into an adult beverage. No, this is Fancy time. Straighten your posture, stick that pinky out and sip like a socialite from your “shit’s about to get Fancy” glass. Watch how the party transforms into a haute occasion filled with highbrow conversations, connoisseurial observations of the vintage’s oaky notes, mellow tannins and playful after bite, and general fanciness. Be amazed at how well-behaved guests become when they’re sufficiently alerted that shit is, indeed, about to get fancy.

Give the gift of “Fancy” For the wine connoisseur in your life who has everything, this unique glass is perfect as a hostess gift, or for Christmas, holidays, white elephant gift exchanges, birthdays, or “just because”. Whatever the occasion, we can pretty much guarantee this stylish glass with a sense of humor is bound to bring smiles, and possibly hugs.

Elegant 16 oz. stemmed wine glass for fancy occasions.

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